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“Brother of Bommali Review - Wasted Opportunity”



Rama Krishna (Allari Naresh) and Lakshmi (Karthika Nair) are twins who behave exactly opposite. While Ramki is calm and quiet, Lakshmi is a Tomboy like girl who always pick up fights. Ramki falls in love with a girl, Shruti (Monal Gajjar) and with the help of his sister manages to make her fall for him. However his parents breakin middle and impose a condition that he can get married only when his sister is married. Rest of the story is the troubles Ramki faces to marry his sister and win his girlfriend's hand!




The story is exactly opposite to the characterization of usual Telugu films. Heroine has to behave as a hero while hero needs to be calm like the heroine. Both Allari Naresh and Karthika delivered their best in their roles. Karthika impresses every one with her comical side while Allari Naresh's antics in frustrated scenes will enthrall the audience. Monal Gajjar is good while Harsha Vardhan Rane, Abhimanyu Singh and Bhanu Sri Mehra are okay in the limited roles they are offered. The director failed to make use of Brahmanandam and Kelly Dorjee to their potential while Vennela Kishore, Ali, Srinivas Reddy are good in the supporting roles.




Chinni Krishna, the director of the film had opted for a different subject and mixed it with typical Tollywood kind of entertainment to make it commercially viable. There are handful of sequences in the film which worked out really well but the film can not be executed well as a whole. You find the first half of the film good in parts while the second part stretch like a rubber band. The climax is also poorly etched. Chinni Krishna has a winner in hand in the script stage but lost it miserably while canning it.


Sekhar Chandra's music did not work at all but his back ground score saved the face for him. Except for the introduction song, most songs come as speed breakers and disrupt the flow of the film. Cinematographer Vijaykumar despite having the opportunity failed to capture any good location. Editor Gautam Raju should have worked more with his scissors and chopped a good 15-20 minutes. Dialogues were good every now and then. Production Values are decent too.


Final Word:


Brother of Bommali is simply a wasted opportunity. A little more care by the director would have made the film sale-able but in the end,he delivered a half baked product. Must say the director spilled the hard work of Allari Naresh and Karthika. BELOW AVERAGE!!


Rating: 2.75/5


reviewed by Nishant

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